Don't Get So Upset


That’s what I tell myself.

Don’t get so upset,

But in my nightmares I’m caught in the drift net,

Of a tide I could never fight from the offset,

Cold sweats, another piece played in a chess set,

Lost to the other player,

Falling through the multilayer.


It doesn’t matter.

Through the never, forward into forever,

Whosoever found you,

Became only something to be severed,

Like a hand or a foot or a human, less.


Cut it off like an infection.


The time comes to obsess over what you couldn’t posses.

Egress you, fly through the ether of counter-success.

With the demons you acquiesce,

With the friends you digress.

Crying like a straight jacket maggot.

Tears of black, liquid agate.

A mirror,

Drawing yourself, you sinner,

Even nearer.

Still saying,

Don’t get,

So upset.

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Wez Jefferies

Thu 4th Apr 2013 13:21

Really like this piece, "Crying like a straight jacket maggot. Tears of black, liquid agate." is a nice rhyme, probably my favourite line. Keep it up!

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