I have only ever loved


That feeling of infection like some unnecessary injection,

That now knows less of hearts racing

And more of little fucking needles stabbing me.

Skin held in the mould of other skin,

Innocence as tall as glass,

Begging to know more of what a melted heart looks like.

You see love was kind,

Love never said ‘I told you so’,

Love was understanding of wrongs,

Love never cried evil,

Love was boundless.

But now love is shagging someone else.


The shape of what we could have been has become distorted,

Like a shark will only ever be a shark,

Distrust will only ever be so,

Distrust will only ever dig in its heels,

And tell you that fear is not your friend.


And fear is not your friend.


So wrap your wound in emptiness,

Soft, endless nothing,

That intangible work of art.

To speak is magic,

To touch is zenzizenzizenic,

To love is something else.


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Tommy Carroll

Sat 23rd Mar 2013 15:57

''a shark will only ever be a shark,...'' now that has me thinking. Tommy

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