Incredible by Matthew Stuart Derbyshire






To the kid who's terrible at maths;

the one who thinks he's never going to pass;

the one who always seems to be at the bottom of the class:


you are incredible.


To the kid with the disability;

the one who has the ability

to be whoever or whatever it is that he wants to be:


you are incredible.


To the kid who's being bullied:

(the others keep saying she's ugly

when she's actually beautiful and perfectly lovely)


you are incredible.


To the kid in P.E who wont get changed

because everyone will see that he's in pain.

He wants no-one to see the bruises he gets when his dad's enraged.


You are incredible.


To the hurting,

the healing,

the broken and the whole;

to the joyful,

the joyless,

and the poor, fragile, soul;


to you all:


you are incredible.




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Yvonne Brunton

Wed 13th Feb 2013 19:05

I like the line 'to the broken and the whole'. this is an observant piece I enjoyed it.

tony sheridan

Wed 13th Feb 2013 11:49

Lovely poem Matthew. Well done! Take care, Tony.

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Mon 11th Feb 2013 02:09

I really like this one Matthew. Great piece of writing and observations. We all can be incredible if life gives us the chance, alas, we have forgotten that we should be celebrating this gift and take it out on others.

Nice writing. Filled me with cheer.


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