Big and hairy

Small and smooth

We come as a pair

Dirty or clean

Our work can be seen



We do dishes

Can be soft as you like

You’ll often find us

Round an open mike

Swinging loose

Or screwed up tight

We can be left

And we can be right


Catch us in the act

You’ll find we are red

Use us to stand upright

Feel the blood rush to your head


We come in handy

Especially  to  men

But if your thinking bankers

Then you must think again!

The ones who have those pencils

Tucked behind their ears

We help them with their tool belts

We help them sup their beers


We love birds

But not in the bush

We help you pull

And we help you push

We’ll lay on you

If you want us to

And you’ll be well blessed

By the fruits of we two


Now enough of this riddle

Cos  we think you’ll agree

That youv’e  had enough time

So...       wotawee, wotawee, wotawee?


body parts

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Steve Higgins

Sun 21st Jul 2013 13:27

A lovely little rhyme
to dislike it would be a crime!
best wishes, Steve

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Nigel Astell

Tue 29th Jan 2013 14:03

I hope yours are
small, smooth and soft
so they can be
gently touched and squeezed.

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Yvonne Brunton

Sat 26th Jan 2013 15:48

Wot a handy little ditty
And if I have the time
I'll trawl through the nitty-gritty
For the answer to your rhyme.
I enjoyed this.XX
PS check spelling of 'there' in lies 6,7,8 of verse 4 (it's the other one ).

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