Sir Patrick Moore.

Sir Patrick Moore is no more;

he's gone off to be the new designated face

of the man in the moon. No more Knocking out

a tune on his xylophone, no more contemplation

of the endless night zone that is deep space. Will

professor Brian Cox take his place and become a

national institution?


The universe is as much of an unfathomable mystery

to me now as it was umpteen years ago when I  first started

watching Patrick's show; I used to love the snippet of music

at the end of 'The Sky At Night'; I first started watching it in

black and white. The whole fascination with exploring space

is lost on me unless they discovered a brave new world where

you could live forever in peace and harmony with nature, and

also enjoy radio and TV; with only a very thin smattering of

enlightened humanity on the periphery, and definitely no cruelty

of any kind.  Just seventy five virgins to keep your body and

mind occupied.


Phil Fletcher, old satyr.

deep spaceSir Patrick Moorevirgins




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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 26th Jan 2013 15:22

I had to smile, no - actually laugh - as I finished this. I surely hope you did mean it to be funny, at least a little.

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Nick Clifton

Thu 24th Jan 2013 09:53

the mind is willing but this body, in our speck of space, has had its prime. the solar system and beyond still wait for our eyes and minds to visit it. one day perhaps. i miss him too! ta muchly, nick

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