New Year Forecast

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Now we’ve reached the end of Bling and knell of hearts that wished to sing,

The Humbug has at last worn through, a major blow for me, for you?

Down come the lights, the sparkle bright, up come the sales with prices right,

The New Year offers many chances for austere steps and forward glances.


Three-hundred days and forty-eight in fearful joy, we have to wait

Till Christmastide can rear its head, next time we’ll go away instead.

This cheerful verse is yours and mine so drink it in, enjoy this rhyme,

The weeks and months of smiles to come could cleanse our souls with suds of fun.


More pleasant times without yuletide to block the way so we don’t hide,

Hold on! There is the winter weather; snow and ice packed tight together,

But if there falls an inch or less, this country shall need extra vests,

Oh yes we’ll suffer steadfast shivers, grind to a halt like frozen rivers.


Then comes the thaw when fresh rain falls on hosepipe bans, daft rule that palls,

Next summer has been booked in June, one long weekend – gone too soon.

Could Autumn harvest turn out worse if tainted by a drowning curse?

Since soiled root veg don’t swim too well the cost will rise but, what the Hell!


With little left to pay high price some have said, “We’ll take to rice.”

Irish rice from Paddy fields? Sub-aqua blends bear handsome yields.

And after this – the bling, the dread that Christmastide shall rear its head,

With Humbug hearts and sales to come another year will then be done.



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Yvonne Brunton

Thu 3rd Jan 2013 23:18

Arg you wish our life away with dismal tales of rainy days but if your forecast turns out true, next Christmas I'll be leaving too!
Happy New Year.

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