you theologians tosh

isn’t it enough

to have lived just once

on planet earth

to have tasted honey

heard the song of birds

and watched

as palm trees swayed


isn’t it enough

to have loved

known love

and to have understood

the poetry of bees

or to have observed

a child who belly-laughed

or watched the darting swifts


were you not content

with moments spent

among family and friends

or loved ones terminally ill

when their will to live had gone

were you not strangely pleased

when pain was done

and blinds were drawn



think again i pray

perpetuity would be bland

a limbo land for all

rid angels from the mind

there is no never-never land

paradise my friend

is lived on mother earth




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Mon 7th Jan 2013 11:31

Got it! Thanks. See ya round the site :-)

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Mon 7th Jan 2013 10:25

Hi Frederick, have posted something on your wall & thanks for commenting.

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Sun 6th Jan 2013 04:36

I would dearly love to learn and appreciate the poem of the bees. And find peace and consolation for my heart as there are loved ones atm that are terminally ill. The expectations may be great but we also live in a great time with vast opportunities for those that can see. Thank you for sharing! Happy New Year to you.

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