How to make speed


For this experiment you will need… Regular table salt, household ammonia with a high percentage of commercial nitrogen, one pint of methanol, talcum powder, muriatic acid, Vicks Nasal Inhalers, and a well ventilated room. Do not be fooled into thinking that this method is 100% safe, as it will probably kill you…


Take your scissors to your nasal spray,

Pray for a lazy day,

Sway as clouds cover in a thick array,

Can’t stand straight for shit anyway,

Keeping well away from your lighter,

Eyes brighter with drugs so you can pull an all-nighter,

It’s the PCP that makes me a writer,

Squeeze out the ammonia a little tighter,

Fuck you all man I can’t stand the sight of ya,

Like a dark cloud settled leaving angels in the nettles,

You told me I’d fucked up,

Better wait while this settles,

I plug into the mother fucking drug system,

Bubbling milky suds up in duff equipment,

It’s a business of equality, a stolen equilibrium,

For the children screaming freedom,

It’s a glistening new dictum.


Du-te, ia-i dracu,

Face unele viteză,

Nu se infurie,

Salvaţi-vă sufletul







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