Just some diss rap.


I’m gonna stab you,

Whisper in some ears, hand out some knives,

Give fuel for the fire & have all these kids jab you,

Body bag you, blood on my hands slippin’ while I’m tryin’a drag you,

Tag you, cause you’re next in line,

Don’t drop names cause I’m too into mine,

Give focus, guess who’s broken,

Lose my consciousness, I’m outspoken,

Shifted a pint of ether, needed a pint so I went back and robbed ‘em,

Knobbed ‘em, with that big fat dick I’m holdin’,

Cover my tracks, hack at the root till it fits & suits,

I’m cruel, I been duelled, twinned, thinned & injected,

Rejected by everyone but my next fix,

Intercepted but I still found my next erect dick,

I’m gonna hurt you,

Rip this mic out of your clenched fist, break fingers, knuckles,

Pull back your skin and invert you,

Burn you alive in the dirt & continue to merk you,

You thought you were hard,

Wait till I pull out my cock & squirt you,

With blood semen, the semen is my own & the blood’s from my own demon,

I kill people, with my bare hands and then rape the dead body,

I vape ‘em & I tape ‘em as they scream for their mummy,

I’m comin’, that’s the scary part I’m always comin’ for ya,

Runnin’ for ya with my swords out,

I’m goin’ all out, for fucks sake fam,

The soldier that I was has been withdrawn from the playground.


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