In for me.


In for me, in for me, they’ve all got it in for me,

Paranoia in the brain in its infancy,

Brilliantly mobility impaired but only artificially,

Additionally, my imagery is blissfully in symmetry,

Vividly and visually, auditory tripping differently,

I hear a symphony from my state of captivity,

Dismally waiting to hand over my dignity,

Efficiently falling but I’m walking inconsistently,

My mask is my ether,

It’s my creature in the freezer,

Making me a believer in this drug induced fever,

Dropped the reefer, I’m a breather,

Methyl ethyl isobutyl, The Devils Breath behind my seizure,

I’m angry, so I pacify,

My alibi this alkali,

To magnify while I gasify,

I know too that I stand accused,

Of being born with a plastic spoon,

Abused by the system so I turned to self-abuse,

Confused and misused, don’t stand corrected but bemused,

Now I’m practically drooling,

In my spasmodic stupor, refuelling whilst my paint thinner’s cooling,

Fooling with the end,

I feel it impend and transcend,

And I finally slice my skin,

‘Cause all I can do is sin.


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