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 .... 'The beauty of our eye's shear blue as the skies,

the magic we see in all creation there be.

Lucky we are for we can see so far,

the blind are inprisoned by the 'blackness of tar'!


.... The mirical of eye's all colours we see,

the rainbow of life in all its purity.

All colours of eye's Brown, Blue, Grey or Green,

are colours of nature for all to be seen ....


For 'granted' we take our eye's do we use,

for the blind cannot see so to that we abuse!

The magic of nature in all colours that shine,

are there to enjoy in our lives so divine .....


By Lesley Whittaker ;-)

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<Deleted User> (9641)

Sat 15th Dec 2012 15:17

eeeee Hugh, get em on lad, get em on!! LOL

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Sat 15th Dec 2012 15:11

Excellent !!Have written two eye opening poems myself,must put them on here .

<Deleted User> (9641)

Tue 11th Dec 2012 18:49

yep Roy, I've never written a poem about eye's so thought, mmmm why not! We have them, we use them and we take them for granted so I thought, yep put my feelings into words :-)

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Roy Chetham

Sun 9th Dec 2012 21:07

It is always good to read a poem that is positive and cheerful for a change and what an unusual and VISIONARY subject you have chosen!

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