Dead Whispers

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I craved solace from a whirlwind of hesitation

Always doubting my crazy path across the heavens

In essence, a week of Tuesdays had stilled my heart

Leaving yet more carefree flotsam in my mind


The shimmering light descended on my shadowed eyes

Scorching the hallowed anguish that hid behind

So feeling nothing more than an emptiness of virtue

Isolation, my new best friend, got up to seek escape       


Me the gladiator of a thousand road crossings

Panicking as if the world was laughing now

Hunting for a myriad of unopened questions

Seeing my inner self the one and only time


Frightened by the inconsistencies of the breeze

Born again by the need to exist in my own time

I sensed the dormant electricity of the far off clouds

And in one flowing movement descended into chaos


Appearing in a sale room of undying despair

I looked to see a stagnant moon rising amid the mist

The foul corrupted stench of un-kept promises lingered

But the truth became a deafening burden on my arms


Finally it was more than I could bear to see such sorrow

Knowing I was the chosen foil for all that would be seen

So travelling to the edge of the unburdening chasm of life

We jumped together, me the heathen, you my divinity.

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Rodney Wood

Fri 9th Jan 2009 17:21

It's as though you decided to write a real poem but to make it the music of conversation with the reader.

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