Couple Stragglers


Here’s another draft, no pun on pint-pulling intended. Oh – also, while I’m here, I might as well tell you all I’ve passed my Masters! Haven't been here for some time - hope everyone is doing well...

Couple Stragglers

She’s all kick,
twisting in her leopard prints
like she’s seen some
new meat near the bar,
meanwhile I’m saying
‘cool it Jane, he’s not
a smooth-mover, he’s
a heavy goer and all you’ll
get is a short tumble-and-out,
there’s no stayin’ there,
nothing more than
a short stub
between two legs.’
And she eyes me,
she says, ‘so what
if that’s all I want?
maybe I’m dying
to be down
on my knees in the wet
grass of some cemetery,
taking and taking
as much as he can give.’
And she winks whilst I’m left
wondering whether she’s serious
or just having-me-on,
I check my pocket for change
and wander up

to the bar to buy
another pint and something
for her when I get talking
to this girl who’s all lips
and lashes, supping at her
pink drink like some
loose goose, a lost-y looking
something with no-one
by her side. I ask
‘alright?’ and she gives
me this look like the house
has toppled on it’s side
causing the fence to push
through our bedroom window
and we can hear the dog
barking downstairs
as the front door caves
in to damp earth
and crazy paving.
‘Yeah,’ she says, ‘yeah,’
then turns away
to watch some shitty
pop-reality-tit on TV
pullin’ off this crazy shirt
with cuffs and skinny jeans
like fashions fucked
itself incestuous.

I waddle back to my table
and Jane’s there fumbling
with her phone, eyes
all lit up by the blue
of the screen and I sit
down and, whilst waiting
for her to finish I think
these deep thoughts about
how the world’s this massive
online videogame and we’re
all just pressing the buttons
at random, like rolling a dice
but worse because
we don’t know it’s all
hit-and-miss – we feel
like we know what we’re doing
when we don’t, then she looks up
and says, ‘I need a piss.’
And I think it’s then I realise
that I love her, love
her for her waxy face
and a way with words
that just comes at you
through the window
like a lost bird; and that’s it,
I think ‘that’s it,
a lost bird.’


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Mon 7th Jan 2013 11:37

Voila! And there it is. No matter the place or time or era, that connection and that fire and verb! Thank you for sharing. It was a bit long winded but perfect for the effect that it had, somewhat undulating like tendrils of cigarette smoke, laidback but sure with its impact. Very contemporary, very today. Sweet read. Hope to hear it performed one day, perhaps. :-)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 18th Nov 2012 12:11

Hurrah! for the Masters pass. Well done. I've been sort of 'away' myself, not gaining glory like you, just busy.

I really like this. it's cool, it swings, it digs (metaphorically and philosophically), it uses some fab words to make clear, cutting images. It captures some of the inanities of our modern culture that will have lasting effects on people's minds and attitudes. I love how the poem ends - 'a lost bird'- back to the beginning - Nature - Mythology .....

I have had sex in a graveyard (with my very unwilling husband who thought I was bonkers!) Very liberating experience. So that's not a 'new idea'. To be honest, not much is 'new under the sun'. Except for technology and the speed of social communication - that definitely is.

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