To The Girl I Haven't Met


Far be it from me to talk make believe
But allow me to move my heart to my sleeve
Because I've heard word of a wonderful girl
Whose existance gives meaning to all of my world 
And yes I concede, I'm the guy that believes
In love at first sight 'cause it makes me releived
And though I'm bracing for rejection
She is the personification of perfection
Her blue eyes belie their real size
and her legs snake up to the top of her thighs
Her smile makes me gooey on the inside
and makes my stomach hatch butterflies
And I'm an atheist, but this
makes me believe in a godess
My thoughts can't sweetly express
The nature of her ambiance
If I need to, I'll evolve,
I'll solve whatever problems hold
Her cold self awake at night
I'll make her warm, and everything feel right
Wherever you are, I want you
Whilst there's air in my lungs and there's feet in my shoes
But alas, she doesn't know me
And is better than I will ever, ever be
So I'll sing her a song,
one that goes on in her head when I'm gone
That revolves like a record
and hurts with each chord
So I waited till night time
To write her the right lines
Whilst under the influence of alachol
To get it out and write it all
So call me a hopeless romantic
Because that's exactly what I think
And I fail to grasp just what
People say when they are not
And I know it's cheesy,
But please believe me,
I've worked every cliche
To try and find meaning
And even though these are only words
Writing down is how I flirt
As with each and every message I send
It travells from heart, through limb, to pen

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 13th Nov 2012 08:30

Did I ever say it's best not to put too many poems on the blogs one after another cos people often only look at the last one you put on. This is your Auntie Ann talking! Haven't got time to read these at the mo cos I'm off to catch a train but - it's lookin' good to me :)

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