Dark clouds envelop me sat languishing in the chair staring at a fourteen inch screen; the sickness machine. It's news time on T.V. disasters, tragedy, despair, wars, famine, murders, terrorism everywhere. All day long this goes on - information repeated. Please do not adjust your set! listen, listen, listen, do not switch off yet! Reuters bring it in from all corners of the globe; it's their job to observe pry and probe. Depressed I cry, watch! watch! watch this they say; sit up erect! you've got to be politically correct! Not me! I've had enough of that awful oppressive stuff. I press a button - flick channel - more political flannel. Sit down! relax! put your feet up! it's your day off; lets try the bloody B.B.C.! A documentary about madness! taken inside a psychiatric wing, I sit tense, nail biting, more sadness, I switch off the T.V.- I feel ill - better take my pill.

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Val Cook

Thu 18th Dec 2008 09:40

I agree TV drags you down most days. Buy a PVC and make choicesits the only way. Well written.

<Deleted User> (5625)

Mon 15th Dec 2008 22:34

Hi cjd,
Thanks for that, you will be no better off knowing
but the world has'nt changed much over the last
20 years since I wrote this piece, except that we now have more terrorism than ever before,
Im not surprised you've stopped watching the
news, very depressing, I hardly ever watch T.V.
now and as regards performing it, I've only read
it out twice in 20 years!! It's so depressing and
I normally write humourous poems as I enjoy
making people laugh, it gives me a buzz, so I
doubt if I will perform this poem, chow.

<Deleted User> (5625)

Mon 15th Dec 2008 22:26

<Deleted User> (5625)

Mon 15th Dec 2008 18:30

<Deleted User> (5625)

Mon 15th Dec 2008 18:29

<Deleted User> (5625)

Mon 15th Dec 2008 18:20

<Deleted User> (5625)

Mon 15th Dec 2008 18:19

Thanks Janet,
This piece was written 20 years ago!! I've just
added terrorism!! otherwise, nothings changed!!
except I no longer watch T.V. OR rarely!! chow.

<Deleted User> (5625)

Mon 15th Dec 2008 18:15

<Deleted User> (5646)

Mon 15th Dec 2008 11:53

Hi, it looks to me like you need to add another line to your poem. Something along the lines of
" I think i need some fresh air."

I have difficulty with all the depression on tv too.
There's more inspiration in the local cemetary.

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Chris Dawson

Mon 15th Dec 2008 06:07

I thought it was just me - I've not been able to watch the news for some time now - every bomb has felt aimed at me, every natural disaster has left me reelin, every man-made even more so.
Well observed, do you intend to perform it?

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