Do You Remember When...

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Dedicated to Amber who wasn't Amber.


Do you remember when the most exciting place was the bench

In the park? And our fantasy clinch; a kiss in the dark?

When we stirred at the stench of CK1 -

Blouse buttons undone for a rash remark?


The kohl eyeliner, and transfer tattoos

On our breasts, glitter too - down low-cut vests?

Bra straps on show: neon Day-Glo, sucking

Chupa Chups; looking at “lads'” hairless chests?


Remember the plastic pacifiers

Round our necks - for simulating oral sex -

Fake-fruit coloured, like condom wrappers?

Slick gangster rappers with glossy, gold pecs?


Glow-in-the-dark stars on our bedroom walls

Shone like snot, Baoding balls and Celtic knots?

Our incense sticks, their plumes of potent scent?

Hours… solemnly spent with toothpaste-coated spots?


When a broken heart meant holding one half

Of a Forever Friends chain, gorging on

Galaxy whilst weeping at Purple Rain?

Composing poems about pain, on puce,

Perfumed paper, to a teenage Don Juan?


We moved on.

Our freckles have gone,

But our friendship stayed the same.


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Charlie Preston

Sun 26th Aug 2012 13:30

Ha ha! Thank you again. You've made my day.

Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 26th Aug 2012 13:23

We were going to agree on 'just brilliant'
but then thought'absolutely brilliant'
more apt.

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