I look out my window and smile with delight

At all the things I can see what a wonderful sight

I can see a toddler in his pushchair squirm

I can see a little robin pulling up a worm

I can see a man pick up a coin I think it’s a fifty pence

I can see a fox chasing chickens under a fence


I can see a boy wave his mum goodbye

I can see a jumbo jet up in the big blue sky

I can see a dog playing with a tennis ball

I can see a girl who’s running take a nasty fall


I can see a teacher lecturing in her class

I can see some big rugby players playing on the grass

I can see some bargain shoppers waiting for a bus

I can see a gentle granny give a baby fuss

I can see some yellow daisies underneath a tree

I can see two greedy rabbits looking for there tea

I can see a family with there new pup walking in the park

I can see the sun set how quick it’s got so dark


Now it’s dark and I have been fed

I turn down my night light and get into bed

My mum leans over to give me a kiss

And I smile and think to myself aah this is bliss






<Deleted User> (4235)

Thu 25th Dec 2008 18:48

Beautiful, and I love the flow to your words. You indeed paint a perfect portrait of a beautiful day decorated in rhyme.

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