New buds appear with fresh, vibrant, spring, green leaves, chlorophyll illuminated by the sun.
Some playful children kick the fallen leaves flame red, auburn and crunch them under their feet, It looks like fun.
The holly wears gallantly it's crown of thorns, it's red berries being pecked at by the birds, they make a tasty treat.
Birch and Larch leaves, dehydrated, shrivel and wither in the mid day heat.
The mighty Oak looks proud and noble he holds his head up high.
Lying on the ground two lovers are sunbathing, the weather is warm and dry.
Battered by a blustery wind the leaves shudder with the cold, the trunks creak and crack, they sway to and fro.
A boy climbs up a tree and his parents shout hold on tight, don't let go.
Ivory and Hazel side by side, the young pair look up to wise old Yew, he is a father figure to them.
A kite is caught in the branches of a graceful Rowan, when some day it'll be removed by the council men.
Sycamore leaves drooping after a harsh frost, painted with a tiara of droplets and crested with the morning dew.
After the autumn fall leaves of gold, orange, red and auburn, deciduous leaves renew lime green and look brand new.
Poplar and Horse Chestnut line regimentally and stand to attention on the avenue.
A nursery of young Pine saplings clustered together and growing in the open field, new life, what a lovely view.
Autumn weather sets in and the tree's begin to wither and die, they loose there leaves with the slightest breeze.
Winter arrives and all that's left is bare twigs, moss growing on stumps and poor forgotten souls of trees.
Non deciduous trees are special too they thrive the whole year through, count the rings and they tell there story.
Christmas Spruce are decorated and dressed with ornaments that glitter, sparkle, shine in the glory.
The cycle of life goes on, we replace the old with the new, new life will emerge and grow soon spring will be here.
In the meantime snow falls on there sad, bare branches, there broken, injured, they've fallen until the new year.



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