Absent Minded Mouse

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I once saw a mouse,
Upon a dolls house,
A sniffing and twitching his nose.
I asked how he was,
And he looked right across,
And said, "Not too bad, I suppose".

I asked, "Are you waiting,
For someone or thing?".
He sighed, "No, I'm lost,
And it's a fine ding-a-ling!".

Said I, "Can I help or show you the way.
Where were you headed or going today?".
He said, "I don't know because I'm really quite small.
I thought I'd remember but I just can't recall".

He started to sniffle,
Then started to cry.
I said, "Now don't get upset".
"I'm not, I've something in me eye!".

I gave him a hankie,
"See if this helps".
He wiped his face, 
Blew his nose and yelped!

I asked, "What's wrong now,
Have you hurt your nose?".
"No", he replied, 
"I've just stubbed me toes!".

He shuddered and trembled,
And gave a great sneeze.
He cried, "I've remembered,
I was going for some cheese!".

He thanked me and said,
"I must be on my way.
The shop will soon close,
It's Wednesday, half day!".

He scuttled away,
With his tail close behind.
I thought, "That was strange,
It'll play on my mind".

"That hankie was a gift,
From my great uncle Bob.
That rascal just stole it,
Without even a nod".

DPS Aug 2009


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Mon 16th Jul 2012 14:02

Very clever,I can see primary school teachers downloading this absent minded mouse and reading it to countles school children-Well done!!

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Margaret Holbrook

Wed 4th Jul 2012 08:17

Awh! Children will love this cute little mouse!

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