Potions & Pills

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I once met a witch,
Who claimed she was white.
I said, "Well ok, 
I'm not sure, but alright".

She said she could cure us,
Of all of our ills,
Without the need,
For potions or pills.

I said, "I have back-ache, 
What can you do?".
She said "Close your eyes,
And take off your shoes".

I asked, "Will that help?", 
Thinking this was a joke.
"No, but the carpets new,
And the hoover is broke!".

She rubbed at my shoulders,
And prodded my back.
All was quite well,
Till I heard a great 'CRACK,'

I asked, "What was that,
Is that part of the tale?".
"No", she sobbed,
"I've just broken a nail!".

She asked, "Has that helped,
Has that lightened your mood?".
"It certainly has,
Now I'm ready for food".

She made us some tea,
And a biscuit as well.
She asked, "You have friends,
Of me will you tell?".

"If ever they have,
 Any bunions or sores,
Then please feel free,
To call at my door"

"I will try to heal,
All their woes and ills,
Without the need,
For potions or pills!"

DPS Aug 2009


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 19th Jun 2012 10:10

We laughingly enjoyed this one Darren

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