The Greenwood

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Like a sea of dancing green,
Twisting and turning,
Like a sweet summer dream.

The roar of wooshing waves,
Through leaves of glistening verde.
A sound so sweet and relaxing,
Never forgotten, once heard.

The creak of bending branch,
Stretching with complaint.
The sigh of silent voices,
So gentle and so faint.

Natures ancient guardians,
Standing lofty and aloof.
Stand watch and offer protection,
Bending boughs, a living roof.

Splintering hands,
Reaching tall for the sky.
The cool damp earth,
Feeding leaves upon high.

Teeming with life,
Cold roots and warming blood.
Looking back through times long gone,
Misused and misunderstood.

Long may the sentinels live,
To watch where once we stood.
On top of distant mountains,
Below in dark dank woods.

DPS Aug 2009


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Darren Scanlon

Mon 18th Jun 2012 02:41

Thankyou very much. 8-)

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Roy Chetham

Sun 17th Jun 2012 22:36

Wonderful, this is my sort of art. Its full of beauty and atmosphere that I can identify with and understand. Well done Darren.

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