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This is the shell

I am only Human

So is he

So is she

Exploited Now.

Comprehension wants to know something of the perception.

I am not perfect

The devil strives for perfection.

What do we have to do

Who tested you?

They've been watching me ever since.

Capable of being alive.

Spiritually I am visiting you.

I am jumping around the universe from planet to planet

Trying to find out which is the right one.

    "I am not in the present."

Yes you are


This is one of those obstacles where you need to prove exactly who you are.

There are rules

That I am not allowed to break.

This is a test

This is a test

right now.

The cosmos give us this

All of this.

There are Leaders

There are Followers

There are Civilians


You are rare

You are lucky 


You are foreign

like another creature in your past life,

Though you are entirely human.

I need something from you.

I can't sit here and wait for this.

That will not come to those who are impatient.


Animals, women, food and a good time.

What does another world offer

What is this world

In this lifetime I am learning.


How, you ask?

Right now.

This Realm. This is a big deal.

This is the present right here.

This is the present. This is the present.

This is the present. This is the present.

This is the present. This is the present.

Wake have to go to sleep.


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tony sheridan

Sun 11th Nov 2012 22:02

I like this. Well said! Take care, Tony.

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