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Jesus haters Jesus lovers
are all the same beneath the covers
like Enola Gay moved oriental earth
I play the shagging game for all I,m worth
sailing seas and rivers of time until I,m dead
into the black hole thats in my head
a pattern of days dies with my soul
when I used to be half,now I,m not half of whole
the reaper huffed and puffed at my straw house life
I failed to cut his throat with an immortal knife
my light went out as the bill came in
including fucked up truth v.a.t and sin
inside the throne room of my gone smile
theres a face to face and a file to file
come chaste cherub take my hand
and bleed with me on the promised land
your trustless words will wrong us if they can
so lets keep ahead of the shadow man
he rides in from blackness with darkest tales
as we dance with angels sing with whales
and read Russian curses from dust bound orthodox    
denouncing harlots denouncing their hovels
listen! more jokes start as the bees start humming
below my station the devils train is coming
spending evil to buy adoration
his flag flys alongside the flags of nations
satans vexatiouness empties pews
and fills the fonts with guns drugs and booze
so that is that-as M.J. said-this is it!
I,ll seeya later with the same old/new shit.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sat 2nd Jun 2012 10:23

I,m ok now the medication
has kicked in-haha.

Cheers Lynn.xx

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Lynn Dye

Fri 1st Jun 2012 14:51

Good one, Stef, interesting, and made me smile. :o) xxx

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