Rhyme Wounds All Heels


Rhyme wounds all heels, you tame and gutless wretch.

Thought yourself to be a man of substance?

You self-righteous tool - that would be to stretch


credulity to breaking point. One glance

into your soul betrays the worth of you.

Dear gods! Take a peek: give yourself a chance


to see beyond your delusions. Be true

to this task though and accept every bit

of what you see; and be warned: when you do


get past your firewall gird yourself, for it

will reveal, unvarnished, the crudest sketch

of a mendacious, two-faced hypocrite.

no tags no labels take it as it is

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stella jones

Mon 4th Jun 2012 18:56

Bloody eck...

Tame and gutless..blimey..

and a whoosh thrown in for good measure.


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John Coopey

Thu 31st May 2012 23:30

Whoah! RM.
"Mendacious" - word of the month or what?
Powerful and bitter.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 30th May 2012 15:51

Not sure where the heels part fits in with this. Jars with the firewall a little. Maybe I'm missing something but there may be a hint of a lack of cohesion?

The sentiment though - I get that. Not above a little self-aggrandising myself on occasion ;)

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