The tool that put his hand

Up my missus’ skirt

Got put on his arse


Not by me

By her


Raised with six older


She demolished him

With one punch


I’d nipped to the bar

For a refill

And was gone maybe

Five minutes


When I returned

The prick was on his back

And a bit of

A crowd had gathered


A couple of lasses seated


Witnessed it all



the wanker really

Fancied himself

And he’d been at it

All night


I placed our bottles

On top of a bandit

And asked if she was okay


The twat on the floor

Began to move and moan


I held out a hand

And began to pull him to

His feet


When our faces were level

I smashed my

Forehead into his nose

And sent him back

Down again


I spent the night locked up

And she took a traumatic

Cab ride home


Judge said

My actions were ‘Thuggish’


As you’d expect 

The arsehole came out

Well in front


I had to give him £500

Pay costs of £250


On top of

The criminal record

I now possess




Do you know what….?


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mike watts

Tue 29th May 2012 11:29

Lyricism, form etc etc doesn't interest me at all to be honest, but thanks for your observation.

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Julian (Admin)

Tue 29th May 2012 10:40

Hmm lacks a little lyricism methinks.

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