Too Bad the World Doesn't Revolve Around Me?

So...What is it today ?

Who's next?

Will you accept me or reject me?

Nobody truly wants me for the form of existence that I am

I know I am not perfect

I have feelings

How does one live without these things?

Is it wrong for me to want what I cannot have?

I am only human

I am probably so human that I allow my own vulnerabilities transform me into an abomination

I hate myself so much

Human that I am

Self-Loathing person that I am

I want to hide beneath the camouflage

That way noone can find my deepest, darkest secret

It is somehting physically unhealthy

You will never guess as to what it is

Or perhaps you will

It is quite common but I do not care

For my options are still limited due to lack of awareness

It is not as if I were aware of the consequences of my actions prior to the incident

But in a sense it was because I was quite a sweet little girl...too sweet

I must have wanted something as well which to this day remains a mystery

I still feel like I imposed this upon myself?

Does it even matter?

Where has my inner strength and beauty run off to?

Oh...I forgot...

It has been here with me all along




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