Two Queens, A liar, and the Fly


"You've been

that road before",

with a shake of the head.

That's not what the

Queen of Hearts

would say. She 

would praise

the futile efforts.

I still doubt.

Who do I choose,

to believe with

these serious matters.

Oracle, gifted one

money taker and

truth seeker.

Advertising happiness

in a ten of hearts

glossy brochure.

Your literature

seems non fictional

yes, but

these matters are serious.

Tell me my name

and I'll tip you!

Games I'd like to play.

Because you bring

more doubt to my head.

I should have asked

about Harry instead.

Is it he who you saw,

after layers of lies

and addictions.

The Queen of Hearts

is rolling in her jar.

Why did i have to

ask that question?

I didn't want to know,

what I might have


Perhaps the true question,

rather problem,

nay fixation?,

is why I like being

so damn "exhausted".


The Queen of Hearts

is rolling in her jar,

the Queen or Spades

is worrying,

and the fly is still

buzzing around the room.

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