Tea Party

Dark dank down hole, Alice whole?
Cup of tea floating by on a tray, it was gray.
It was cold, it was cracked, chipped, mouldy and old
Is it me? Can you see?

A rabbit was here once you know
why was he in such a hurry to go?

Falling fast falling past did I become present?
There's No bows, there's no tags, just plain damp dark rags
Shrew mouse tumbling tears she's undone
unraveling a tissue of lies goodbyes

I bow and I bend, am I on the mend?
or am I just late for a date with my cocoon
don't worry I'll be there soon

I'm lost. I'm alone in my slow madness fall.
Sameness my brain...saneless my brain
Reality grins like the cat in the tale with no tail

Take a look at the view, somehow it's new
One side tall one side small - munch mould your future.
We thrive in the dark dank cold so they say.

Who would of thought...I've been caught!

The Red Queen calls for my head
am I dead?

House of cards holding court, gathered round with no sound
and somebody shuffled the deck

crazydepressionmadmanic depression

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 11th May 2012 17:41

That's what I meant Deb ;o)

<Deleted User> (10241)

Fri 11th May 2012 12:59

Thanks Lynne
it's wonderful to be able to read and appreciate the poetry of others and join in with their and other's experience, and having a chance to release your own dittys for others enjoyment and comments for improvement. To look at it from other eyes It's really exciting.

Debbie x

<Deleted User> (10241)

Fri 11th May 2012 12:48

Tommy got mixed up with which biography/auto was about me. The poem is an autobiography of what my mind can be like.written after a particularly hard "episode "

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Lynn Dye

Thu 10th May 2012 20:42

Hi Debbie and welcome to WOL.
I found this really interesting, quite whacky but very enjoyable. Deserves more readings. x

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 10th May 2012 09:08

A (possible) bio-graphical addition to the original Alice by Carroll and "White Rabbit" from Jefferson Airplane to form a very interesting trilogy. I think it invites further reading. Tommy
PS an amazing coincidence: as I was typing the above Lewis Carroll was referenced on BBC Radio 4's In our Time, an explanation of 'Game Theory'.

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