Lipstick, Cherry red kisses lie Smothered by, Smeared, Disgracefully rouged over Velveteen Lips . . . She whispers ' Oh Dear Me . . . ' As another moral boundary slips. Well then . . . Might as well just Rub me up buttercup Play to the tune Of fingertips tracing Their delicate way To more playful places Wearing 'Dirty' expressions Upon both out faces As I begin to lose myself Within this space we occupy Known more commonly as Lust The Instance where need becomes must . . ?

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Dominic simpson

Mon 7th May 2012 15:42

Hi guys . . . Thanks for the comments on poem . . . Wasnt sure about this one . . . Try not to be a slave to rhyme and love to enjoy the feel of the phrasing to create a feel of tone and context so to spk. . . Thats what words are for i feel . . Impact . . . Ty also for the tips on editing . . . Think it would help if i posted from a pc n not n i pad . . . Funky regards to all


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Lynn Dye

Mon 7th May 2012 15:30

I like the poem very much - good luck with setting it out better. (I too copy and paste from a word document and have had no problems.)

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Mon 7th May 2012 11:07

My sister has had the same problem - I think she had to edit it all once it was up - she managed to resolve it one way or another but it took her time.

Like Graham, I always cut and paste from word. I've never had a problem with that.

I like your poem too. It's hard to read properly at the moment with the structure not being right. I like the way you have used rhyme but not become a slave to it - the mixture works well. I think you should make the effort to set it out right, one way or another.

Dominic simpson

Sun 6th May 2012 11:49

hhmmm . . odd things occur . . on the blog it looks as layed out . . yet in the comments area . . looks like prose . . the mystery deepens . . . .

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 6th May 2012 08:47

Hi Dominic - I was just about to reply to your message to me about this but now I see that all I can think of is what other kind folk have already suggested. I think some people have had this prob if they try and download from a mobile phone but it sounds like yu are doing everything "right". I'll ask around a bit more. When you have written the poem in the box does it look OK to you at that stage?

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Graham Sherwood

Sat 5th May 2012 23:49

Try writing it as a word document and then cut and paste it.

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Yvonne Brunton

Sat 5th May 2012 18:52

Not sure about the line alignment but have you tried clicking on the left align button or centre align because(maybe it's automatically on 'justify' ) which is the 4th button of the 4 align buttons on the bottom left of the buttons above the typing area box?
Elsewise all I can think of is editing it once you have blogged it. This may be OK with a short poem but would be tiring with a blockbuster.

I like 'Rouge' especially the 'Oh dear me...'
Just one query - why have you put 'smothered by' but not said by what? - rather leaves one hanging. XX

Dominic simpson

Sat 5th May 2012 17:19

Ok guys serious help required . . . Pls . . I write these out in he box provided, I hit return at the end of each and every line and they keep comin out as prose . . . . Can anyone tell me how to avoid this pls pls pls . . . Ty

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