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In my dreams, I am often wandering

In the most beautiful Amazon Rainforest,

A place with abundance of plantation,

A Forest that is so vital to human life

And never been fully understood by civilization,

The Rainforest is like having a home

Full of exotic plants, blooms of many colours,

Twisted ropes hanging of the top of a gigantic tree,

Philodendrons with their huge leaves

I could make stylish camouflaged cloths

And be part of the surroundings,

To protect myself from the Indigenous Tribes

Those were not familiar with people

Like me and my intentions


My dream of being there was so real

It absorbed my feelings and emotions

I wanted to live there in the middle of that beautiful

Green moist Rainforest and my desire

Grew stronger each day, dreams of having a home

With walls build from the wood that been collected

From a collapsed tree that dies with time and falls down

Just like a human being when muscles became weak with age

Causing inability to get up because the strength

Is not there anymore


The trees, flowers, became my family

Their branches like huge arms extended in welcoming

Embracing with love, an urge to be there was beyond

My control, the feelings in my heart toward my beloved

Rainforest became my true and only love,

Amazingly beautiful tempting to spend the rest of my life there

A place, where I could live in peace and harmony with Nature

Immersed and bathed in the beauty of magnificent

Amazon Rainforest, birds, animals, snakes, frogs

Their songs composed most wonderful tunes

Polarized my mind, a Symphony of music,

That Lord created as enjoyment for you

And this the time where my dream

Was about to come true?

© 2008 Zuzanna Musial




<Deleted User> (4446)

Sun 7th Dec 2008 09:14

brilliant poem! Thanks for your comment about 'tortoise'. Its really about shyness.

<Deleted User> (4281)

Thu 4th Dec 2008 16:39

Hello, Jeff

I was thinking of that too...But for now just a poem as is...Maybe next time if I write similar story it will be in a different form. Thank you for the excellent point!

Have a wonderful day!


<Deleted User> (4281)

Thu 4th Dec 2008 16:37

Dear Melanie

I am happy to read your comment, it has been a while since... Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I thought, would love to be in the Amazon Rainforest. It is totally diffrent atmosphere then in a big city.

Have a wonderful day dear poetess,

<Deleted User> (4281)

Thu 4th Dec 2008 16:33

Hello, Rodney

Thank you so much for your constructive comment, appreciate a lot!



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Jeff Dawson

Sat 22nd Nov 2008 12:07

Hi Zuzanna, lovely thought is your mind and some nice lines. I wonder though if it would have been better as a short story? Not that I write any yet! Just a thought, take care Jeff

<Deleted User> (5984)

Fri 14th Nov 2008 19:35

beautiful, beautiful Zuzanna...very melodic and the imagery is simply divine


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Rodney Wood

Fri 14th Nov 2008 12:53

Just a few things. Line 1 should be wandering, line 2 there is only one Amazonian rain forest, line 3 should be forest, line 5 what do you mean by civilization? Who else is there to understand it? I'd better leave it there except to say God has no place in the poem.

<Deleted User> (4281)

Thu 13th Nov 2008 21:12

Dear friend Clarissa

Thank you so much for your time to comment on my poem. With sincere appreciation.


<Deleted User> (4281)

Thu 13th Nov 2008 20:56

Hello Antonio

Thank you so much for your great comment!!
It was a dream that I need to fulfill. Only in my words.. :) I would go there with the guide, alone would be too scary!

Thank you,

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clarissa mckone

Tue 11th Nov 2008 18:04

HI Zuzanna, Nice poem, I enjoy reading it very much.

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