The demon with no eyes.


So you’ve been a little lost lately,

I’m here to change me by changing you,

Guide the lost down the path until they ready to change against me,

And walk your own way,

I mean what I say so if I can get your okay, I’ll talk these lines away and you can repeat what you may.

You’d probably hate me,

If I was to tell you I won’t debate, see,

I got time in my wake that I can’t seem to shake,

Or even monitor my intake, I’ll be twisted, well, till I break,

It’s just so I can get in you, but I don’t even look through my own eyes,

I’m blind, I’ve got mirrors on these killers and I’m watching every time,

They do a line, light up a spliff and drink wine,

I stay out of the light, but you know that you’re mine,

I’m in the shadows, falling out of feeling,

Asking these mirrors, screaming “do you deceive me?”,

Believe me, the darkness hides me but my thoughts are never changing,

Just ageing, like a gravestone engraving, but I’m telling you, I still need saving.


I’m inspired, but I won’t be your inspiration,

Wherever your mind is right now, I’ll tell you that you need a different location,

Finding happiness or merely renting it,

The aim is to resist death, but you aint preventing shit,

You just stare at it, the same way I did when I first had my eyes ripped,

From my skull cause you don’t see with your eyes,

You perceive with your mind,

I get away with my crimes, I’m always invisible,

Under the infra structure, constantly high or miserable,

These aren’t my tears, I swear to you, I’m just a mirror,

I cry for you and hold your emotions here until I,

Lift my hands to the void as if it could set me free,

From this martial law state as freedom falls cheaply,

These nations have slept for long enough,

Gone into dark times without love,

But I’ll inhabit the darkness you walk through,

Follow the road to hell and that’s where I’ll meet you.




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