Can You Hear The Drums?

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She’s wild and crazy, she’s lay abed lazy

just can’t get up out of her pit.

And shit, the dawning is no time

to sleep or reap the rewards

of a hard won night just on another flight of fancy. 


She’s a real a tough nut,

Slut rough, cut rough and ready girl.

Just the sort of slick chick

he'd pick

to blow out his lights in the morning.


She knows the every inch of her night time,

a shite time in the rain.

Well that’s the name of the game she’s playing

the only game that paying.

Hey, and stop pinning the blame on Charlie and brown Captain Jack.


Stood beneath a street light she awaits

a bright White Knight strong enough to fight her dragon.

to flight the fury inside her head

and lay her down upon a bed of wildest rose


Soft, sing her a layabed song,

Sing her a lullaby, a stay in her head number,

a slow sexy slumber.


Can you hear the drums Fernando?


If you had it all to do again you would my friend,

I just know you would for sure.


Can you hear the knocking at the door?


The song is deep inside her head, it fills the room,

beside her bed

sketching last night’s dream until tomorrow never comes.


Are you sure you can’t hear the drums?

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<Deleted User> (6292)

Wed 7th Mar 2012 18:11

Thank you everyone for most encouraging and wonderful comments!!

Thank so much once again

Augusta xx

<Deleted User> (10123)

Wed 7th Mar 2012 11:28

Plenty of effective word choice. Like the trip along the concept and physically along the lines of this rather delectable poem. Liked it lorry-loads. Ta much.

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Rachel Bond

Tue 6th Mar 2012 01:45

hey augusta.

another smart and sassy classic of your street girl style, some great phrases with clever word play, twisting turnin bumpin grinding :)

not seen you for while, good write x

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Jack Pascoe

Mon 5th Mar 2012 18:02

This reminds of when you come home from a rave and you've still got the beat pounding in your head due to 'Charlie'. I'm probably a million miles off what you're trying to put across, but that was my interpretation.

Great structure and rhyme scheme by the way. Loved it.

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Mike Hilton

Mon 5th Mar 2012 12:39

Hi Augusta, this is excellent. Love the images it creates and some wonderful lines.


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John Coopey

Sun 4th Mar 2012 21:30

I had prepared myself in readiness for another of your excellent "niche" poems. My preparation has gone to waste, though. I shall have to splash out on a book of erotic poetry instead.

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Andy N

Sun 4th Mar 2012 18:39

excellent stuff, A - good to see you blogging again.. do you see much of Gus nowadays? I hope he is behaving himself at the moment..

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Yvonne Brunton

Sun 4th Mar 2012 17:56

I like this so much. Great images and word assosciations - 'slut-rough, cut roughand somehow the rhythms echo the title of the drums a persistant drumming effect giving a feeling that she cannot escape from her llifestyle.

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