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Becoming more like a sentence
than a chapter to me
is each day.
Does'nt bother me.
Gladly,do I accept the dwindling story,
the stripping down of certain words.
For those that are left
will bring about a conclusion
cleansed of regret and sorrow.

◄ Essence of Peacefulness

The need to let things become unclenched ►


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 8th Mar 2012 12:39

Hi Dave

Second childhood?
you mean the one where all
your adoring children remember
how you slaved for them all your life
and now they want to take care
of all your needs in old age
doing things like cleaning up
when you accidently do what you should'nt do-
in your trousers?


Still as you suggest,me and me owd Duchess
can struggle on for now-
thank gawd!....(aw bless!)

Hope you and yours are well Dave.xx

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Thu 8th Mar 2012 09:10

Hmm - are you trying to tell me the 2nd childhood isn't going to be as much fun as I was hoping? ;)

Never mind, as long as you have each other what more could you wish for!

Best wishes, Dave

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 5th Mar 2012 08:05

Thank you Glynn,Yvonne and Lynn.

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Lynn Dye

Sun 4th Mar 2012 20:03

I like this, especially the last verse. xx

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Yvonne Brunton

Sun 4th Mar 2012 18:26

sad reflections on the shrinking horizons of a now limited life.

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Glyn Pope

Sun 4th Mar 2012 17:05


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