A trip to the Supermarket


A  Trip to the Supermarket

I’m shopping in my lunch break and I only have an hour,

I’m whizzing round the supermarket; all I need is flour,

But then I buy some extra bits to make my shopping last,

I pick up speed down aisle three; I’m running pretty fast,

My trolley is quite heavy, so I park it down the aisle,

I collect butter, milk and loo roll, and I start to lose my smile,

My arms are aching, stuffed with goods, and still the pile grows,

But that doesn’t stop me browsing when I wander past the clothes,

Finally I’m finished as I don’t need any more,

So I head back for my trolley, safely parked in aisle four,

It must be here somewhere! I speed back, past the courgettes,

I pass cat litter and collars, and the Woofie Chunks for pets,

Cheddar, gorgonzola, then I whizz down aisle three,

Looking for a trolley, loaded up with hubby’s tea,

Then ‘splat’ - I drop some packets so I start to curse and swear,

My apples roll away, my yoghurt’s splattered everywhere,

I have to go straight back to work, or I’ll be in a fix

So I abandon all my shopping, by the beans, in aisle six,

There’s a trolley sitting somewhere, full of bargains, that’s for sure,

But can someone kindly tell me why it’s not in aisle four?

©Jan Jack 2010



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<Deleted User> (3243)

Sat 25th Feb 2012 15:53

haha....Stephen you sound like me....
Thanks so much for your comments everyone..glad you like my daft verse.

My husband rarely does the shopping...he gets stressed within 2 miles of a supermarket...

I'm working on the audio files thing John (and yes, I agree with your comment on courgettes and cat litters - I think I could make it scan a bit better).

What is the easiest way to record something? Can someone let me know?

cheers everyone

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Poets Corner

Thu 23rd Feb 2012 23:14

hahahaha...nice one jan...so liked the metre and rhyme..very entertaining...

But I will guarantee you one thing and that is your bloody hubby hasn't got your shopping trolley lol
and if you mentioned 'aisle six' to him he would probably think it was a cricket score!!

'Go shopping together it's more fun and u wouldn't drop everything ok?'
And at least one of you would surely remember where you had left the trolley!! although you will have to show him what one looks like...lol hahaha...

My Bests - Graham

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Nick Coleman

Thu 23rd Feb 2012 21:04

I smiled ! (and I don't do shopping)

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Lynn Dye

Thu 23rd Feb 2012 20:09

I enjoyed this very much, Jan. Humorous and lovely flow.

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John Coopey

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 21:55

You should attach audio files.

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John Coopey

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 21:53

Nice one, Jan. Effective rhythm throughout ('cept, perhaps the 2 lines about courgettes and cat litters - probably me reading it wrong).
I'd not read you before. Keep posting.

<Deleted User> (5560)

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 19:54

Bravo. A fun comedy piece about the allure of shopping (or not ha ha). On a similar note, I remember once reporting my car stolen off the 4th floor of a multi storey. I later found it on the 5th (oops).

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