suburbia's quieter hours

this town centre thrives

odd weekend social mix

smiling students stroll

unwed mums patrolling

on wobbly stiletto shoes

hoping for a bonus shag


want some

a tall girl asks

men smoking outside

she wiggles hips

almost tripping

on slippery ground

heads twirl around


troublemakers in

different spots

blighting the lot of men

drivers of asian cabs

town centre police

arrive like blow flies

scenting dung


bouncers guarding doors

out leak bustling sounds

from macdonald’s and

burgher bars where

greasy food is served

to irritate the sturdiest gut

of youths who strut


civic centre car park

now thinned out

only mice at large

which forage

for abandoned crumbs

commuter's droppings

on concrete floors


in shadowy parts

a vagrant lurks

hoping for a coin's

windfall silvery glint

the alchemy of trade

sustenance for another

long cold wintry night





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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 12th Feb 2012 14:11

I do like this, like an intricate social-scene painting to the minutest detail. Maybe I find it a bit too 'intricate' with the 'mouse' lines which seem more suppositional than observed. Only because it is titled 'Night Sights', which begs the noise from the 'burger bars' too. I am being very picky, because the actual imagery is really good.

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