i am a by-product of cosmic dust

thrust onto earth in bursts of flame

lame at first in unfamiliar seas and

growing fins, scales, gills and tail

look how our oceans thrived

nourishing diverse varieties


my forebears crawled ashore

learned to live on drier land

away from tide and gritty beech

they tilled arable fields living in

fine palaces those wealthier ones

rearing many daughters, sons


now my cousins conquer space

leave a carbon footprint thither

junk cluttering the ionosphere

we see an over populated earth

unable to sustain vulnerable types

our oceans die our land moribund


do i hear the cosmic angels cry

the weeping saints despair

or is it seagull’s voices

carried by the breeze that

grants me guilt enough to

scream it wasn’t down to me





stella jones

Mon 6th Feb 2012 17:16

Really enjoyed this one Phillipos, thought the language thoughtful and rich...nice one sir :)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 5th Feb 2012 13:09

Excellent topic,and well-versed. The first stanza is very 'general', so I'm not sure who 'i' is, 'thrust unto earth in bursts of flame'. Is that how our protoplasm got here?

As I was quoting this without seeing your script, I actually wrote 'blasts of flame'; maybe the alliterative 'l' is not bad, removing the 'ur' from the 'ear' and hooking the word 'blast' directly to the 'flame'. Interesting thought.

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