won't you throw me a line?


i fell down a dank well

where I found some shovels

and dug deeper to dwell

whence depression grovels


on all fours, blind, mute;

alone down there I groped

in darkness, an acute

sense of loss that I’d hoped


was a ghost of the past

moulding itself to me.

that bleak place was the last

one I wanted to be


in but, alas, I found

myself there regardless,

burrowed deep underground.

i felt hopelessness press


the sky in on my head

and, for a timeless time

imagined I were dead

and buried in the slime


and shite of an aeon’s

chthonic, hapless murk

where foul, downcast demons

dole out their taunts, and lurk


around each crook and bend

of my mind, just waiting

for their next chance to send

me sprawling, self-hating


through their grotesque abyss.

my gods alone know what

I’ve done to merit this

descent. is it my lot


to go there when all I

need is love to come rescue

me, to return the sky

where it belongs? won’t you


throw me a line? someone?

anyone? it’s so dark:

where has the daylight gone?

where on earth is love’s spark


when by its light I might

find my way out again,

away from this midnight

of the soul’s wretched drain?

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Martin Peacock

Thu 16th May 2013 19:12

Thanks very much, Scribble. Much appreciated.


Thu 16th May 2013 18:55

This is just perfect.

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John Coopey

Thu 26th Jan 2012 23:39

F**k me, Mester Muster! Chthonic indeed! What would I do without my Wikipedia Book of Greek Mythology.
So it's you scrabbling about on the other side of this black hell-hole, is it? Keep quiet will ya? It was nice in here till you dropped in.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 26th Jan 2012 22:58

Mustard! Mr.Muster.

I once saw a black hole
swallow a Starr.

Freddie was'nt best pleased
that some devilish prankster
had removed the man-hole cover.

(probably an Accrington poet on the loose!)


stella jones

Thu 26th Jan 2012 21:17

Ahh..tis our fate RM..just the way it is and you have captured that feeling of isolation well.

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Dave Bradley

Thu 26th Jan 2012 17:19

Well written Richie. Reminded me of those Gerard Manley Hopkins lines

'O the mind, mind has mountains; cliffs of fall
Frightful, sheer, no-man-fathomed. Hold them cheap
May who ne'er hung there.'

I hope you find your way out. Lots of us here on WOL have been through the same and if words were ropes you'd be surrounded by them.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 26th Jan 2012 16:26

Urgh - foul black dog. Well articulated this Richie

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Mike Hilton

Thu 26th Jan 2012 14:48

I like this one Richie.
Followed every line, excellent flow and vision.


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Rachel Bond

Thu 26th Jan 2012 14:41

bloody hell, made me think of sylvia plath in her black hole in the cellar.

dont get stuck down there , theres no answers to be found in bottom of a well :)

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