52Weeks week 3

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In my attempt to document the year's events through poetry, I simply could not avoid this subject. Having been on several cruises myself, the sinking of the Costa Concordia really hit me. What added a more sinister and perhaps cowardly aspect to the whole misadventure was the behaviour of Catpain Schettino. I therefore dedicate the following lines to him.




Look what you’ve done!

Your idea of fun,

showed a duty of none,

both eyes on the sun.


First a drink and a wink,

with a girl donning mink;

then a chink and a clink,

and the passengers sync.


But who did you save,

or send to their grave?

As she tipped on a wave,

and enamoured the brave.


So you went on the run,

your ‘job’ there was done.

An onus to shun,

and a planet to stun.


But, there’s nowhere to hide

when your ship’s on its side;

devoid of its pride,

and lashed by the tide.


Now you get the looks,

the luck of a clueless cluck.

Yet you’ll slip off the hook,

from a bill for a billion bucks.


23rd January 2012

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