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Kentmere walk went so well as we walked I did dwell... The wind blew the sun shone too, walked for mile's over hill's and stile's. Windermere we saw, the view did not fail me once more... Wind so strong as we walked along, the camels back I did call, the hill's so small... Up and down as we walked the tops, the camels back did not stop. Away we go to the end, great day we had, a God send.....




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Lesley Whittaker

Fri 27th Jan 2012 18:13

yes Roy... the outdoors always inspire me :-)

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Roy Chetham

Fri 27th Jan 2012 17:05

Thanks Lesley,
A great portrayal of the Kentmere experience.
I am glad I led you into such an inspiring paradise.
Regards, Roy.

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Lesley Whittaker

Mon 23rd Jan 2012 23:12

glad ive inspired you mike... love putting smiles on peoples face :-). I write my poems as how ive experienced the day and from the heart. Never let your poetry drift, ive been told its a gift! Thank you very much for your kind words x

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Mon 23rd Jan 2012 22:45

Hi Lesley,

I am deeply green (jealous). I know the Lakes well, and in the past when i could afford, i used to take myself wild camping up there. I don't know Kentmere that well. But i have walked Helvelyn about 5 times, camped on top of scafel for a couple of nights, and know conniston and the langdale pikes well. It is a shame that Derwent in sinking now, and that the lakes are scarred by so many like minded people who love the lakes for its natural beauty. Nevertheless, you have inspired me. i have not been posting or reading for some days now as my mind was turning sour, now after reading your poem i am inspired again. I may even try to write something that emulates your poem.

Good poem. I too love the splendour the lakes can give when you rise to the top of one of many of its features.

Nice work

stay well



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