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Hi guys,


I've been away for a while, but am back and hopefully full of inspiration! One project that I've recently taken on is a challenge set by The Guardian through their Flikr page. The idea is to take and submit one picture each week over the year, being able to review this come the end of December will be fascinating. I've decided to add another dimension to that challenge, and for each picture to compose a short poem to accompany it. Each week I will select a subject matter that is either in the news, or is affecting me personally. I thought it would be intersting to share this work with you guys, please feel free to comment; I'm sure the poems will start out quite rusty, but hopefully they will develop over the year. Below is my first offering for week one (I am playing 'catch-up' here due to horrendous laptop issues):


Epiphany has passed,
a fourt’ since Christmas day;
now the debts and bills are massed,
to pay or not to pay?

They say they cannot wait,
they clearly have no shame;
yet for now you shall not take the bait,
to blame or not to blame?

What else could you decide?
you cannot just exist;
yet caution is you does reside,
resist or not resist?

Every knock and every call,
the post comes every day;
letters pile up in the hall,
but pay, you cannot pay.

The nerves give way to tears,
the worst you’ve had for years;
shamed by your peers,
it’s time to face the fears.


You can view the group page at the following link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/photosof2012/

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