The French Kiss


Why must Fido slobber on you -

- don’t you know where his tongue has been?

The chances are it’s flecked with poo

dissolved into a canine goo

rife with bacteria: obscene!


His muck just loves to find a home

in your moist nooks and cavities;

giving your mutt’s proclivities

a free invitation to roam

therefore makes us dog lavatories


too - for once that tongue’s French-kissed yours

you’ll most likely swab off your lips

with mitts that then paw ours, which draws

(in terms of germ apocalypse)

the shortest of good hygiene’s straws.


It’s make-your-mind-up-time: your glands

are in all respects as crap-caked

as your sentiment - which demands

dogged censure, being half-baked

and shit-lapped, like those cur-licked hands.

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jean lucy thompson

Mon 19th Mar 2012 22:50

My dogs not over sloppy thank you god er dog

stella jones

Mon 23rd Jan 2012 21:48

I have to admit my pooch has sneaked up and taken me by surprise with a good slobber...I try not to think too much on the unsocial manners she has..

Enjoyed the write :)

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Laura Taylor

Tue 17th Jan 2012 10:13

Hehe - my nan used to let her dog lick her lips, used to knock me SICK. Urrghhh.

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