How Not To Receive A Compliment

Why on Earth would you think

I’d find one of the world’s biggest killers


You’ve known me for years, you heartless cow.

We shared the same drab town

sterilised bottles

degenerate parents.

I looked after you when you were sick

Scraping back hair, sponging brow

Forcing vile vials of fizzy liquids down your protesting throat.

I’ve run Marathons, raised thousands

Spent aeons praying

that one day a hope-drunk, diligent stranger

will jump up and shout


You know it’s close to my heart.

You bloody know that!

Have you forgotten

our Nan

died of it for Christ’s sake!



“You don’t half look handsome?

Ah….I thought you said “You laugh at cancer.”


cancerhumourmisheard words

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Laura Taylor

Tue 10th Jan 2012 14:49

An interesting, original, and quirky (sorry if that offends, heh) poem - like it a LOT.

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