What dare I say re: my hometown, Accrington? That it ranks,

with its courts of law, town council, its police – for no thanks -

amongst the best in terms of mindful, selfless management

and governance? Do these protect us? Do they represent

our needs? That we by rote meekly delegate, acquiesce

then let them all shepherd our Stepford lives, without duress

or force, says so much against us. See, we don’t care as long

as we can keep shopping - and graze and booze and wag our tongues

about T.V.’s dumb zedlebrities. That’s all we ask, for


here in Poundland – our one-horse town’s more apt name – we abhor

real liberties. We’re fulfilled by the high street’s junk shops (those

that profiteer selling tat for a song, that grift in rows

for our cash); and we worship, too, at flash, cloned burger joints

and venal superstores that blind us with loyalty points.

It’s through these cheap signifiers that we measure our lives.

Who gives a shit for autonomy? We drones live in hives

here in Poundland. Give us shallow diversion; all the rest -

- values, morals – is moot: we don’t care to feather our nest.


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 10th Jan 2012 18:38

Top'ut'shop as per

-cloned burger bars-brill!
wonder what the burgers were cloned from-ugh!

If on your rummage anytime
through said Quidland,you happen to come across
a 'SockStick' Please let one know.

You just can,t beat threading yer sock
on to the hoop at the end of the stick
then with the patience
of a bomb disposal expert
you 'thrutch it'(like that-thrutch?)
on to yer bleedin foot.

Only takes about an hour to get yer bleedin
socks on-but the laughs you get in doing so
are effin priceless!

Think I might invent the 'TrouserStick'
as long as I design an opening for
me meat'n'two veg-heh!

here endeth the lesson.
back to my wordsmithing anvil.

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Ray Miller

Mon 9th Jan 2012 22:10

Enjoyed the poem, despite the length of the lines - but that's a personal thing."grift"? It sounds like a propwer word but I've not met it before.
let them all shepherd our Stepford lives - that's nicely put.

Give us shallow diversion; all the rest -

- values, morals – is moot: we don’t care to feather our nest.

That last line could be worded better, clearer, I think.

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