the learning nerves

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The learning nerves!

A poem inspired by a confidence and self esteem

building course attended at Mhist in Bolton.


Destiny and desires designed the darkness into an eventual tangle,

of falsities and fears with which we wrangle!

Thoughts founded on falsehoods and threats that flowed like water to the deepest depths,

fantasies we fear are facts that leave us of true happiness bereft.

All our movements and others misgivings wove the web we now wear,

endowing us with an outlook that some cant or could not bear,

but one it is possible to rip up and tear.

For the truth stands triumphant over the trivial and the strife,

that has held us back in tethers for parts of if not all of our life.


The worries and the woe and the anger and the the hate,

these are not meant to be part of our fate,

we can have pleasanter food upon our metaphorical plate!


The path is arduous but the progress persistent,

changing your base line thinking makes you more resilient,

and more positive in the process which is brilliant!

Slowly identifying all the different ways of behaving from aggression to being a victim,

to take control and do what is right then becomes your dictum.

You become to realise that your not only alive,

but have certain rights for which you should strive.

Within you is all the will in the world,

doubt not that your voice shall not be heard,

you to can soar like unto a bird!


Respect the rest as you rise with growing inner radiance,

towards your total goal who’s path has not a steep gradient.

In fact once the ball begins to roll,

its not long till you realise you have already got it all,

and the potential to scale any wall,

and to among all others stand as tall,

even if at times you fall!


So fear not the future on the findings of a fantasy,

look forwards without fear and if you want you can in joy dance with me!

Free of the mists and murkiness of mind,

that once left us limp, lifeless and blind,

but now they have cleared our true self we find.


With strength to struggle and courage to be confident,

despite life’s numerous ups and downs it becomes a monument,

to the great things you are capable of that only you can on comment!


No lofty flight of Icarus just a reasonable request,

that our lives be free of all the doubts we detest,

and that our woes and worries at times are put to rest,

and we become what we were meant to be which is our best,

steady and sure as stone to withstand any test!


Setbacks may arise upon the way,

but they are transitory and there is always another day.

Our foes or even our friends may our faith try to make falter or try to fetter,

but with a foundation so firm they in fact make us better.


So in these few lines I have tried to convey a little of what I have learned,

for NOW I have hope when once in hell I burnt!

At 18 I could not even see 23,

now I have a firm future before me,

and soon I will finally remember forever that I am truly free,

to live, to love and to learn or to simply be,

as are you and you and thee,

as is everyone you will ever see!


So tread not upon another’s toes as you climb those confident and assertive stairs,

lest you inadvertently step on a bears,

and bring back all that of which you beware!

Instead act to others in a way which is fair,

and you will find your already half way there!


So thank you my friends for the times we have shared,

and thanks to our two confidence gurus who in helping us have cared,

when some of us may not have known anyone who would have dared,

or even have found an ear that would have heard!


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