Talk about lucky.



Just bought a scratch card

And won 200 pound,

From a quid that I’d found

Outside the gaff of a woman

I’d met in a bar -


She owned an Off-licence,

She drove a 40 grand car.


She took me to this restaurant:

Greek, I think


Order what you want, she said

Then it’s back to mine for a drink,

If you fancy it?


‘FANCY IT!’ Does a bear shit

In the woods?


It was mental, what a laugh

Spraying champagne as we splashed

In the bath,

Then into bed, with another bottle

Where I climbed aboard

And gave it full throttle

Screaming revs, as our hips

Cut loose,

An all night joyride


Until I ran out of juice!


It was too warm to move

So we used a sock,

Then we crashed-out until 9 o’clock

I made a coffee, she took a shower

Then we sat and talked bollocks

For an hour.


She threw me out about half ten

And I knew I’d never see her again,

But ‘hey’ fair-do’s

I couldn’t give a fuck

I’m not complaining

I rode my luck

And she was amazing.


But to round it off with this,

A 200 quid scratch card,


Now that’s taking the piss.

◄ And i think to myself.

How mad ►


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