Sap - Distant Memory

The roots of the tree slowly entwined themselves around his fingers,

he could feel the tree pulsating with life, the sap thundering through his veins.


It was as though he could feel the plants heartbeat but that was not what he was after,

he needed to go deeper beneath the surface.

he tentatively allowed his conciousness to trickle into that of the sap, just a little though, a dab at a time,

too much and he would be frozen here for all time.

His body would slowly be consumed by the plants and animals of the forest.

His mind becoming more and more difuse until even barely coherent thought would be a distant memory.

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<Deleted User> (9288)

Tue 11th Oct 2011 10:37

It kind of needs a ending but thats the begining of a piece I was working on - or possibly the middle I guess.

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