The Elephant Dance

This is part of a new thing I'm quite enjoying; writing poems that children might enjoy. Not children's poetry as such, because I think there's a massive crossover, and I would never alter my semantics for the sake of genre. Anyway, have a look.


The beat can be heard before they arrive,

because they’re very heavy

and coming in droves.


Doom-bah, doom-bah. They seem to find

their rhythm and gather, circle-wise.

The dance is tonight.


No-one knew until the sound began.

In a way, still no-one does.

But here it is.


Trunks aloft, the great limbs touch

gently, once, and then back away.

Slowly the swaying starts.


Each creature has a melody of its own, which

he or she will never sing. They can’t.

The dance is partly sad.


So two break off to fight in the dust.

Thick grimacing of tusks and noise

in the ghost-light.


The rest stand and observe, because

this is how big monsters must

settle their wars.


Once the fray subsides and the loser

joins ranks in silence, the circle

tightens. A great bow.


They all bend lumpen knees to kiss the soil,

and make silent whispers

with soft trunk lips.


This is the final routine, and it takes place

just as the dawn sizzles into being.

One by one, they rise.


The dance is done.

The elephants are going home.


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<Deleted User> (8692)

Wed 14th Sep 2011 14:00

Like it Mikey, very childlike and surreal. Works best on the page, because the "wrapper" pun reveals itself quicker. Also, an illustration would be good, particularly if you market it at kids.

<Deleted User> (9288)

Tue 13th Sep 2011 20:53

What do you reckon, I wrote it this morning

<Deleted User> (9288)

Tue 13th Sep 2011 20:52

When I grow up I’ll be a famous wrapper,
I’ll wrap some presents and put them in a bag,
Didn’t you know that santa clause used to be my dad.
Although he got the colour of the costume wrong, and one day he turned up in drag.

No not girls clothing, but a drag race, we went zooming, along we went crazy, we went all over the place,
From catmandu to timbuck two we raced around the world, so that we could see all of you.
For he was Santa clause of course and maybe one day he will be you too.

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