The Dead like to Party 3

The ticking clock is strangely still,

Was it beacause the mirror smashed and you thought that you had breathed your last.


For the mirror had told you to get out,

it scared you half to death,

the spiders crawled all over the house.


A house of imagination and where imagination drew it's last breath.

The dead came out crawling all over the walls, the monsters too. They went out to dance and drink and screw.

But surely though a monster deserves to party now  and again and do the bogaloo.



Afterwards though there are cracks in the walls that I can't mend,

The creacks spread out all over the world and now the dead are everywhere,

under the stairs; in the atic and on the moon.


I'm glad the dead only come out once a year, but still I can't wait for Halloween and for the dead new moon. 



◄ Doomed to repeat itself?

Unfortunately the title has had to be Censored ►


<Deleted User> (9288)

Fri 2nd Sep 2011 15:36

Some stuff I guess I write for myself as a catharctic exercise, a way of coping with todays crazy world I guess.

<Deleted User> (9288)

Fri 2nd Sep 2011 14:55

No not really I write a lot of different stories.

I wrote one about super injunctions, and lots of different things.

It's more about the nature of reality I guess

<Deleted User> (9288)

Fri 2nd Sep 2011 14:52

I actually wrote it as a sequel to a short youtube video I made in 2006 called the Dead Like 2 Party 2 as part of a Halloween party.

I was thinking what a sequel would end up like.

<Deleted User> (9641)

Fri 2nd Sep 2011 14:24

read this and thought you've been watching too many horrer's!! take it your into the dead :-Z good poem though.

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