Doomed to repeat itself?

The shop fronts are bordered up where only weeks ago a town sparked with life,

Deserted streets people no longer content to roam.

Ghosts of the riot prowl the corners,

A wall of rememberance thoughts of a City that was once great.

Touching messages from a loved one,

Quotes from the words of stars, do they understand their meaning or is it just a repeated parroted back phrase.

Is this a self propagating disease,

History yet again doomed to repeat itself.

The cyclic nature of the world.

Things can only get better though,

Volunteers help to repair.

New life, new shoots after the maddness

New life begins.

The city regrows but will it forget the past.


I wish them health and happiness for wealth brings it's own troubles with it.


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<Deleted User> (9288)

Mon 22nd Aug 2011 10:33

Also I suppose I stole a well know quote as the title, which is a bit ironic.

History is doomed to repeat itself if we forget the mistakes of the past.

Or something along those lines anyway.

<Deleted User> (9288)

Mon 22nd Aug 2011 10:29

I was also trying to convey that the individual notes i felt were more heartfelt, but I suppose the quotes could have had a personal connection between two people.

<Deleted User> (9288)

Sat 20th Aug 2011 14:59

Thanks, thats kind of what the poem is about I guess. Empathy and trying to come to terms with things, also hope that the future will improve.

I studied in Manchester recently had only heard about the riots on the news.

I walked round manchester last night and it was a lot quieter than usual.
In the Arndale Centre their is a wall of rememberance full of notes, I guess that is what triggered my writing it is touching the amount of post it notes there, they cover the walls. I guess it hits you harder if it's somewhere close by.

<Deleted User> (6315)

Sat 20th Aug 2011 14:14

I would wish that something good comes out of such things you speak for the words quoted..well..hmm I guess some do have empathy :)

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