Unlucky strike

Yesterday, sat at home and watched the news
Our strike was covered, specially in London
They marched from Kingsway, down the Strand, up to
Trafalgar Square, and then down Whitehall in
The direction of the House of Commons
In studio debates, the BBC
Showed more allegiance to the government
Than public sector workers. Dimbleby
On Question Time seemed rattled, uneasy
At mass audience support for them. The news-
Papers also did their worst. I saw on
The Daily Mail front page, the word bully
Aimed at the unions, and giving the view
That they shouldn't stop us all going in


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Andy N

Sat 2nd Jul 2011 17:10

it all seems to be a case of mis-information to me, and the government wanted this strike.

why? i am not sure, but they have been using them to score points off labour.. perhaps they are going to try to privatise everything.. we'll see in due course no doubt..

interesting piece, tone however..

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John Embley

Fri 1st Jul 2011 15:26

It's all apparently about public opinion, easily manipulated by incomplete and inaccurate propaganda.
The problem seems to me to be that the government have no difficulty in convincing the private sector workers that, because public service pensions are 'so good', that the rest of their pay and conditions must also be good -- a definite lie, from my own experience in both sectors -- and they are therefore able to divert attention from the fact that they do not intend to do anything about the real causes of the deficit, i.e., corporate tax avoidance and the bank debts owed to the taxpayer.

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